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Road Saw (Self-Propelled),35 - 48 H.P.

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Husqvarna FS3500

35 hp saw FS3500  
>Softstart standard 
>Two-position handle bar
>Compact unibody frame
>Emergency stop switch
>Fully enclosed transmission.
>Slip-on blade guard has an auto latch to clamp the guard securely to the saw. It also has a wide, tapered guard spade and a replaceable blade guard hinge.
>Arbor guard/nose latch and a blade guard handle are standard.
>Lift bail is standard on all models.
>Box frame is the most rigid available and provides long life and less stress on the bladeshaft and bearings.
>Cyclone pre-cleaner reduces filter maintenance.
>Dual arbors allow the blade to be mounted on either end of the bladeshaft for right or left cutting.
>For maximum engine protection, the air filter has a progressive restriction indicator.


Motor manufacturer Lincoln
Max output 22 kW / 30 hp
Cutting equipment  
Blade diameter range, min-max 26-30 "
Max cutting depth 11.5 inch
Weight 1160 lbs


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Husqvarna FS4600

Husqvarna FS 4600  
This rear pivot saw is easy to maneuver when making multiple direction changes on the job. The addition of the optional 3-speed gearbox makes the saw more efficient by enabling different diameter blades to operate at their ideal performance level.
Gas-powered self-propelled saw has a low noise enclosed design.
48 hp Hyundai water-cooled engine.
Available in rear pivot only for maneuverability in road repair and service work.
Heavy-duty steel frame.
Fully enclosed differential.
Control panel is conveniently placed for easy operation.
Direct spindle drive or 3-speed gearbox for optimum cutting performance.
Catalytic muffler standard.


Motor manufacturer Hyundai
Max output (As rated by the engine manufacturer) 35.79kW/ 48 hp
Fuel tank volume 6 gal.
Starter Electric 
Engine cooling Liquid /Air
Diamondblade,max 30"
Max cutting depth 12 inch
Power at blade shaft 35 hp
Blade shaft diameter 1.44 inch
Blade flange 4"
Arbor size 1"
Axle front 1 inch
Rear axle type 3-bolt hubmount
Rear axle diameter 1 inch
Transmission type Hydrostatic drive
Handle bars Multi position
Primary wheel size Outside diameter: 6Wheel width: 2 Inner bore: 1 "
Secondary wheel size Outside diameter: 10Wheelwidth: 3 Inner bore: 1 "
Weight  1180 lbs