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Grout Hog, Drop Delivery

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Grout Hog GPH75


Grout hog delivery system GPH75
1. Easy to Operate - Masonry block fill completed by only 2 people: one person guides the hose to the block cell and the other maneuvers forklift.  
2. Easy To Hook Up - Attaches quickly and easily to hydraulics on forklift. Prep time less than 3 minutes. Self-contained gas & electric units also available for forklifts without hydraulics.  
3. Highly Productive -Unique swivel base system allows workers to reach 17 feet of work area quickly without moving forklift. Flow is controlled at point of discharge by simply crimping hose to move to next cell.  
4. Easily Maneuvered - Grout Hog can be lifted with crane or forklift depending on model purchased. Interior walls and areas are easily accessible.  
5. Built-In Safeguards - Safety-conscious design allows hopper to set securely on forklift; spring-loaded tug pole protects hydraulic lines; pins secure to prevent swivel when moving.  
6. Ergonomic Design - Potential for back injury greatly reduced. Weight of hose and material supported by forklift or crane. Labor does not lift or carry heavy pump hoses or buckets.  
7. Easy To Clean - Unique removable auger allows fast, easy clean-up of 15 minutes or less.  
8. Durable - Heavy gauge steel hopper and base, plus other high-quality materials provide years of reliable service.  
9. Economical - Cost approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a small grout pump.  
10. Return on Investment - Many have reported a 100% return on investment within 30 days of use on the jobsite. That's 100% return again, and again, and AGAIN with repeated use.  
11. Labor Savings - Uses only 2 people to place grout instead of 4 or 5 crewmembers to bucket or pump. Others remain productive by building leads and striking corners.  


 GPH75 offers an independent power source for the auger delivery system. 
Capacity: 3/4 cubic yard
 No auxiliary hydraulics required.
 Empty Weight 1436 lbs (651.36 kg)
  Remote Control operation
 11.7 hp electric start Honda® GX390 motor
  Unloads 3/4 cubic yard in 2 1/2 minutes.
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