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Air Hand Held 14” Cutoff

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Partner K40

In the construction industry, in engineering and especially in ship yards, compressed air is often used as the power source. And while an air-powered Partner is a natural choice indoors, it is also a valuable option outdoors in places where the air-change rate is low, such as in pipeline trenches, in deep foundation sites and on marine docks
The Partner K40 is a  powerful, highly robust and reliable industrial power cutter. The design is based on the Partner concept for ergonomics, safety and efficiency. Being pneumatic-powered makes the Partner K40 a perfect tool for indoor use, or for outdoor work where there is a supply of compressed air.
The Partner K40 has the same basic layout as Partner's petrol-driven cutters, i.e. with the motor located behind the blade guard, driving the blade via a belt. This design helps to ensure a long, slim overall tool shape, plus good weight distribution and good balance laterally and between the handles.
One very important factor for the comfort and safety of the operator is the fact that both handgrips are in line with the blade. This means that the weight of the machine is directly in line with the blade, thereby helping prevent any cutting out of true.
>Heavy concrete cutting
>Gas/water/sewer maintenance
>Demolition work
>Indoor/Refurbishment work
>Prefab factory
>Mining maintenance


Technical data
Motor: Air motor
Blade Size: 14''
Depth of Cut: 5''
Power: Compressed Air / 4.3 HP
Air requirements: 100 cfm
Maximum air pressure: 120 psi, 7bar
Weight: 21.6 lbs


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